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How to create thumbnails

What is a thumbnail?

An image thumbnail is a small version of an image. Commonly they are used as a tool to "preview" a full-sized image.

What is a practical use?

Image thumbnails could be used to preview your product or service items, allowing a visitor to browse multiple products/services on the same page with more freedom.

How do I make a thumbnail from a digital image?

Websites that offer image optimization tools that are most compatible with our eCommerce software are listed below.

* Please check the terms of use for each website.

What are the steps I should take?

Work with an optimized image to begin with.

  • Choose the image file
  • Select some size options
  • Click a button to process the image
  • Make advanced modifications (i.e. crop image)
  • Save the generated thumbnail image
  • Upload images to the "content" tab in your store

Online utilities for thumbnail generation will allow options to resize to fixed or standard sizes, as well as to crop an image.

Why crop an image?

A cropped image is useful when you wish to emphasize a focal point of an image (i.e. a product's feature) rather than shrink the whole image.