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New Zealand and UK eway Payment Gateway modules now supported.
Paypal integration now supported.
Promotions manager interface has been improved.
Square integration now supported.
Afterpay integration now supported.

Plan Features

General Features

  • Use your own domain
  • 128 bit SSL security on admin and checkout
  • Email accounts on your own domain
  • Build a complete online store product and information pages
  • Web based store administration
  • Rich Text (WYSIWYG) Editor with custom HTML section
  • Multilevel password restricted admin entry (depends on what you need may incur extra cost)


  • Product control
  • Customisable admin product fields
  • Product duplication (only via database)
  • Unlimited category and sub category structure (depends on plan)
  • Unlimited brands (depends on plan)
  • Multilevel product variants & optional surcharges
  • Multi level text variant option
  • Promotional codes
  • Customer specific discounts
  • Bulk product import & export
  • Featured products
  • Stock control with level alerts (product and variant based control)
  • Quick search on inventory and content pages
  • Advanced keyword search (Boolean search support, parameter based searching, search any field)
  • Product configurations support (such as product size and color)
  • Price based product configurations - optional feature on high-end editions (such as a diamond ring that differs in price based on the quality of the gold band)
  • Unlimited products based on plans (custom plans supports hundreds and thousands of pages whereas other plans support lower limits. See compare plans for limitations).

Sales and Promotions

  • Featured products display
  • New products display
  • Integrated store search
  • Simple keyword search (searches on name, product code, keywords)
  • Quick checkout (a 3 step-process)
  • Affiliate tracking. Drive traffic to your store by attracting affiliates. Real time affiliate reports.
  • Two separate featured product flags (flag items to be featured as 'coming product', 'featured product', 'on special')

Layout and Design

  • Fully customisable unique shopping cart theme editor
  • Rich text editor (WYSIWYG editor)
  • Columns editor
  • Customisable template system
  • Customisable product display
  • Multiple main product image display
  • Large image views and autothumbnailresize
  • Supports all external web animation and graphic programs
  • Website table and columns background image upload

Content Manager

  • Unlimited custom/info pages
  • Home page editor
  • Custom column box creator (depends on plan)
  • Unlimited database driven web pages. Click a button, type the text and your page is live.
  • Unlimited content pages (the amount of content pages is determined by the plan you are on. Custom plans can be configured based on your requirements)

Order Processing

  • Invoice printing (depends on plan)
  • Batch order printing
  • Auto order confirmation / shipped emails
  • Real-time order tracking for customers
  • Customisable order emails
  • Merchant and customer notification of transaction via email

Payment options

  • Accept credit cards, real time payments
  • Offline (manual) credit card processing
  • Multiple payment method support. Accept secure payments, payment via phone, fax, post, C.O.D, or account.

Shipping and Tax

  • Location restriction on shipping
  • Advanced shipping customisation (by weight, by price, flat rate etc)
  • Free shipping option
  • Shipping free orders
  • Tax free products
  • Automatic shipping confirmation by e-mail
  • Four freight models (weight based, flat rate, total order value, quantity of items purchased)
  • Freight models support multiple freight methods per destination (such as courier, post etc)

Web Optimisation - SEO

  • Page titles with keywords embedded
  • Option to enter keywords and description meta tags for individual pages
  • Spider friendly URLs option available


  • Order reports with data export
  • Hourly sales reports
  • Payment method reports
  • Sales by state reports
  • Product based sales reports
  • Sales by customer report
  • Traffic reports
  • Search engine traffic and keywordreports
  • Visitor state & languages reports
  • Recent visitor activity report
  • Affiliate reports

Customisable Design

  • Custom design (create your own unique look and feel by editing a few HTML templates)
  • Flexible listing page layouts
  • Flexible product page layouts
  • Multiple checkout modes (require/not require customer account creation, freight/no freight)
  • Shopping cart status bar or straight through to cart summary page. This means that, if required, the customer need not leave the page they were on each time they click 'Add to Cart'. Ideal for stores where multiple purchases are common. For stores where single purchases are the norm then passing the customer straight through to the cart summary page is also useful.

Customer Management

  • Customer registration options. Turn customer registration during the checkout process on or off at the flick of a switch.